June 22, 2016

Chromebook Fee

Why do parents pay an annual fee?  Didn’t the district receive a grant?
The $50 fee is an annual fee that goes to the help fund the long term sustainability of the program.  While we did receive a Straight A Fund grant to help jump start our 1:1 initiative, the application for the Straight A Fund required the district to be specific on what the grant funds would be used for. Collection of an annual fee was written into the grant as part of the financial stability portion of the application. The money collected from parents along with the district IT budget will be used to help sustain the program going forward. It helps to cover some of the cost of management licenses and web based software subscriptions. In addition, the monies collected will go toward the purchase of a case to protect the device from accidental damage.

There is a refresh cycle in place and you can be assured that your child will not have the same Chromebook during their time at Chagrin.  They’ll be provided a new Chromebook at various stages depending on where the district us in the refresh process.

The fee also allows each family an annual “accident forgiveness”.   For example, if your child were to drop his /her Chromebook and break the screen, we would replace it at no cost to you.   If the damage were to occur a second time, the repair cost would be the responsibility of the parents.

Can my child bring his/her own device?
You could choose to purchase your own device, however, we would still require your student to have a school issued Chromebook as well.  The fee would still apply as well. There are configurations we use for exams will not work on devices that are not managed by the district.  Additionally, as we move toward online state assessments, personal devices cannot be used due to security reasons.